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Maria River Project

Exciting Plantation News

Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếp hôm nayExciting news! The Maria River Plantation is nearing its first harvesting in mid September.


Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếp hôm nayThe 60hp tractor was certainly the correct buy. I have slashed over 20 hours with some heavy work involved. Thanks to everybody supporting the decision to purchase this size tractor.

Plantation & Conservation Site

Xổ số miền bắc trực tiếp hôm nayThe Maria River Project continues to progress apace. With 2 rows of Eucalyptus robusta (swamp-mahogany) and one each of Eucalyptus tereticornis (forest red gum) and Eucalyptus nicholli (narrow-leaved black peppermint).

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